Contact Lenses & Your Eyes

Contact lenses can be a convenient and comfortable choice. They come in many brands and parameters, and the doctor will find the best material and fit for your eyes. Not everyone can wear contacts. Depending on your prescription, eye health, and cornea measurements, you may not be a good candidate for contacts.  First time wearers will need a contact lens class, and may need to come back for a few follow-ups. Contacts are not a replacement for glasses. It is imperative to give your eyes a break from contact lens wear. Many problems can arise from improper use and handling of contacts. Contact lens wearers need to have an exam once a year to renew their prescription. Most of the time, your contact lens prescription is not the same as your glasses, and different measurements are done to determine your prescription. With proper care and hygiene, many people enjoy the comfort and freedom that contact lenses provide.

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