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A yearly eye exam is an important aspect of preventative health care. A comprehensive exam inspects for common vision problems as well as other issues such as diseases or even eye allergies. Certain medications, high blood pressure, diabetes, spending a lot of time on computers, night driving and many other situations can have an impact on your vision and health of your eyes. Information on your medical history, family medical history, previous eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions, medications, and lifestyle is needed for a complete assessment of vision and ocular health. Elements of a comprehensive exam include: dilation, visual field test, eye pressure check, visual acuity check and refraction. If the doctor finds any issues for concern, additional tests may be administered. 

Contact lenses come in various parameters and brands. Your contact lens prescription and brand depends upon the curvature of your cornea, your prescription needs, and which material best suits your eyes. Contact lens fittings can be done for people with astigmatism, multi-focal, or kerataconus needs, but do not work for everyone. Dr. Wlaschin also does hard contact (rigid gas permeable) fittings. Since contacts are considered medical devices, an exam and contact lens fitting are required once a year to renew contact lens prescriptions. For more information on contact lens fittings, click here 

Treatment of Ocular Conditions & Diseases

Dr. Wlaschin treats and/or evaluates patients for such conditions as: glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetes, kerataconus, corneal abrasions, and more. Some conditions are symptomless, and with our up-to-date equipment and Dr. Wlaschin's continuing education, early detection is possible. Our ocular scans, visual field tests, pressure checks and ocular photos are also key elements in following the progression of a patient's condition. 

LASIK Surgery Co-Management

"Lasik" is also known as refractive surgery or laser vision correction. There are different kinds of technology that can be used to perform the surgery, a consultation will help to determine which kind is best for you. Not everyone is a candidate for lasik surgery, and you must be at least 18 years of age to undergo the procedure. Dr. Wlaschin is a trusted TLC LASIK affiliate. Together with your lasik surgeon, Dr. Wlaschin co-manages your pre-operative and post-operative care. To find out more about lasik surgery, visit: http://www.tlcvision.com/

Dry Eyes, Eye Allergies & Infections

Dr. Wlaschin treats patients for eye infections, allergies, and dry eye. Sometimes a patient does not feel any symptoms, but will often experience one or more of the following: dryness, redness, light sensitivity, burning or stinging, watering, or itchiness. Seasonal eye allergies are very common, and can usually be treated with eye allergy drops. Certain medications or environments can also affect your eyes. Sometimes dry eye patients can be helped with artificial tears, or may need to be put on a prescription eye drop to help natural tear production. It is important to visit your eye doctor to ensure a proper diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms. If you are a contact lens wearer and experience any of these symptoms, you should stop wearing your contacts immediately and contact your eye doctor.

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