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Sunglasses - They're More Than Just a Look!

Whether you hit the ski slopes in the winter, the golf course in the summer, or spend any time outside at all, you need to protect your eyes. Like your skin, your eyes do not recover from UV exposure. The correct pair of sunglasses can play an integral part in protecting your eyes from preventative eye conditions such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Protective sunglass lenses consist of a polycarbonate material that inherently blocks UVA and UVB rays.

Simply darkened lenses do not mean complete eye protection. In fact, dark lenses cause pupils to dilate, therefore letting in more harmful rays. The lenses need to shield against UV rays, not just darken what you see. Polarized sunglass lenses are especially beneficial for everyone. Polarized lenses are designed to eliminate glare and can be useful for any outside activity. Everyday we’re exposed to glare from sand, snow, wet roads, water, and other vehicles on the road. When wearing a sunglass with polarized lenses, the glare is eliminated.

Various other lens options can also be used to suit your hobby or lifestyle. For instance, different tints applied to lenses can be used for different activities. An amber tint lens can enhance your vision on the golf course by creating more vibrant colors and contrast. If you’re a runner, special tints can help you too, especially when you’re facing direct sunlight. Nike speed tint, for example, helps minimize eye fatigue and significantly reduces the light that’s reflected off asphalt. Remember, you can have your prescription put into your sunglasses, or you can use them over your contacts. Wearing the correct pair of sunglasses can prove to be the most effective way to protect your eyes when you’re not indoors.

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